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Thank you for participating in the Beta Program – your support is essential for the success of DartConnect and we look forward to developing the premier darting platform with your participation.

The Member Site allows you to activate your membership, download the app, update your account information and access your Dart Performance. We will be working to expand the FAQ's and News items to ensure you get the most out of the DartConnect Experience.

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Learn More/About Season Pass
Terms and Conditions

An Evolving League Solution

Season Pass is a prototype product, that with your support, will evolve into the best way to experience league play for you and your team. If your league has not partnered with DartConnect, your team can still select the generic "multi-player team" option in the scoring application, to manually set up a team and it's opponents. Contact us about adding your league as a partner for the upcoming Winter/Spring seasons. LINK TO LUKE INFO EMAIL

Why Season Pass?

A Season Pass simplifies league play for teams by providing you with a directory of your division's teams and each roster. In addition, it assures that every member of your team will have each member's game performance recorded and displayed in all match recaps for league reporting. This is ideal for teams that have players without individual DartConnect memberships. Additional features and functionality are planned, with updates occurring throughout the season.

Non-participating teams cannot host matches and match reporting is limited to win/loss records. However their team rosters are still available to facilitate league play when competing with enrolled Season Pass teams.

What if my Team Does not have a Season Pass?

Individuals with a Premium Membership can still have their performance data tracked and reported to their member account. The member's email must be added to their player record on the host device when playing a season pass team.

Pricing, Terms & Conditions

A separate Season Pass is required for each team, in each league. This season, players with premium memberships can participate in singles leagues at no charge. New players will need to activate a 12 month premium membership. The singles league must be a registered partner of DartConnect. Non-partner leagues can still use the generic singles league membership option.

Important: The full functionality and features of Season Pass have not been finalized, and subject to revision at anytime. The focus of the product is to enable efficient team play on league night.


Season Pass is a prototype product that is merging league rosters with DartConnect functionality. All current league practices for collecting statistics and reporting results should continue. Season Pass should NOT be utilized as a replacement for standard league requirements. DartConnect is not responsible for data and reporting inconsistencies. If it matters, document it as you normally would.


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Disclaimer: Reporting is under active development and validation. Key performance metrics should be tracked independently of DartConnect.
Player Email Individual
Your team roster is read-only. If you need your information updated, contact your captain or group leader to edit your record.
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    Your Performance Dashboard will reflect games after you “Save and End” each match.

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    The DartConnect Dashboard

    Points Per Round (PPR): In '01 games, the average number of points scored in a round (turn).

    Marks Per Round (MPR): In Cricket games, the average number of valid target "counts" in a round (turn). Marks are also known as Hits, Counts, etc.

    DCA: Your DartConnect Average is the total Points/Marks scored in your previous 100 '01 games and the previous 100 Cricket games, divided by the number of darts thrown in each game type. This includes all player turns, in all games, including the member's turns when playing doubles, triples etc. It does not include practice games, incomplete games or games vs. DartConnect.

    O-DCA: Opponent's DCA is the aggregation of all of the opponents performances in the last 100 '01 games and the last 100 Cricket games

    W-DCA: Winning DCA is limited to the games you completed (won).

    L10 M's: Last 10 Matches - Your current DCA trend across all eligible turns in these matches

    L10 G's: Last 10 Games. Your current DCA for your last 10 '01 and Cricket Games

    3MA: Three Month Average for your dart activity

    DER: Dart Efficacy Ratio. The amount of time during match play actually spent in game play.

    Visit our FAQs to learn more about DartConnect Statistics.


    The DartConnect Dashboard is currently under development and should not be used for statistical reporting. Players should continue to maintain separate records for critical data. Please inform us of any inconsistencies.

    Match Log

    Date GP Score Opponents Description Host

    Matches will be added to your History Log after you “Save and End” each match.

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    DartConnect FAQ

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