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Date:Sun, 5-19-19 Game Time:0:55 Matches:1 
Start:8:28 AM Match Length:0:56 Games:10 
End:9:24 AM DER:99% Darts:744 
OpponentsMatchAll '01 GamesAll Cricket Games
Atis B6164,97237340.0---
Oskars K444,70237138.0---
All Games Played (AGP)n/a1109,67474439.0---
Green: First Turn.     Gold: Opponent(s) won the cork.     Red: Game winning turn

Atis B

Oskars K

 Game 1.1 - 501 SIDO 2 - 006:16  
Atis Bialkovskis21480145645Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis853952345111Oskars Konno111
Atis Bialkovskis45350329352Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis24326425340Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis26300523122Oskars Konno
138Atis Bialkovskis138162621615Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis45117718828Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis9324816028Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis213910060Oskars Konno
Atis BialkovskisX3107525Oskars Konno
Atis BialkovskisX3113936Oskars Konno
Atis BialkovskisX312381Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis1213299Oskars Konno
Atis BialkovskisX214263Oskars Konno
Atis BialkovskisX215026Oskars KonnoDO
33.3 3 Dart AvgDarts: 4533.4
 Game 1.2 - 501 SIDO0 - 38 04:36  
Atis Bialkovskis25476146041Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis41435239961Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis43392333960Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis45347429940Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis44303525841Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis33270620355Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis81189715449Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis2716286985Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis601029636Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis8022103825Oskars Konno
DOAtis Bialkovskis2201138Oskars Konno
47.0Darts: 323 Dart Avg 42.1
 Game 1.3 - 501 SIDO 2 - 007:04  
Atis Bialkovskis50451147526Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis50401244629Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis24377335492Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis40337431440Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis45292526945Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis43249624029Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis47202719941Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis40162811980Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis6010297643Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis5547105422Oskars Konno
Atis BialkovskisX47112826Oskars Konno
Atis BialkovskisX4712721Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis1532137XOskars Konno
Atis BialkovskisX321461Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis2012156Oskars Konno
Atis BialkovskisX12166XOskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis102176XOskars Konno
Atis BialkovskisX21806Oskars KonnoDO
27.7 3 Dart AvgDarts: 5228.9
 Game 1.4 - 501 SIDO0 - 45 04:05  
Atis Bialkovskis60441147922Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis85356244039Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis61295341822Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis85210433880Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis31179529741Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis5174628413Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis44130719985Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis6070811584Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis581298728Oskars Konno
DOAtis Bialkovskis120104542Oskars Konno
51.8Darts: 293 Dart Avg 45.6
 Game 1.5 - 501 SIDO0 - 174 03:51  
Atis Bialkovskis55446145645Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis28418242630Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis60358340026Oskars Konno
100Atis Bialkovskis100258437426Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis27231534826Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis42189631632Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis63126729620Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis4185821680Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis5332917442Oskars Konno
DOAtis Bialkovskis32010
51.8Darts: 293 Dart Avg 36.3
 Game 1.6 - 501 SIDO0 - 38 04:40  
Atis Bialkovskis16485143467Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis64421242311Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis60361337845Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis66295433741Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis40255529641Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis60195625343Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis2417172467Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis8586818561Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis788912560Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis44108045Oskars Konno
DOAtis Bialkovskis40113842Oskars Konno
45.5Darts: 333 Dart Avg 42.1
 Game 1.7 - 501 SIDO 20 - 004:04  
Atis Bialkovskis58443145051Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis41402238565Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis60342334441Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis26316428757Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis85231523057Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis49182620624Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis41141716640Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis2611588779Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis754095829Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis202010058Oskars KonnoDO
48.1 3 Dart AvgDarts: 3050.1
 Game 1.8 - 501 SIDO 14 - 008:02  
Atis Bialkovskis3646514983Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis44421245840Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis30391343226Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis60331433993Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis34297532217Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis24273630319Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis23250724261Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis28222820240Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis42180917428Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis601201015420Oskars Konno
106Atis Bialkovskis106141154100Oskars Konno100
Atis BialkovskisX14121935Oskars Konno
Atis BialkovskisX1413316Oskars Konno
Atis BialkovskisX141421Oskars Konno
Atis BialkovskisX14152XOskars Konno
1602Oskars KonnoDO
32.5 3 Dart AvgDarts: 4632.7
 Game 1.9 - 501 SIDO0 - 4 05:40  
Atis Bialkovskis44457145645Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis813762315141Oskars Konno141
Atis Bialkovskis40336323778Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis43293421720Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis13280516057Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis85195610060Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis4115476832Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis8272868XOskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis29439860Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis7361044Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis234114XOskars Konno
DOAtis Bialkovskis34012
44.2Darts: 343 Dart Avg 45.2
 Game 1.10 - 501 SIDO0 - 9 07:03  
Atis Bialkovskis21480148120Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis26454241962Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis61393339425Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis64329435638Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis4128853542Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis24264633222Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis44220726666Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis60160824620Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis45115915888Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis2491108969Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis3952114841Oskars Konno
Atis BialkovskisX52121830Oskars Konno
Atis Bialkovskis36161318XOskars Konno
DOAtis Bialkovskis1601499Oskars Konno
35.8Darts: 423 Dart Avg 35.1


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