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WDF World Cup - Adult Singles & Pairs • Womens Singles

Date:Wed, 10-9-19 Game Time:0:24 Matches:1 
Start:7:04 PM Match Length:0:24 Games:6 
End:7:28 PM DER:99% Darts:276 
OpponentsMatchAll '01 GamesAll Cricket Games
All Games Played (AGP)n/a165,74027662.4---
Green: First Turn.     Gold: Opponent(s) won the cork.     Red: Game winning turn



 Game 1.1 - 501 SIDO0 - 66 04:49  
Robyn Byrne45456141685Mayumi Ouchi
100Robyn Byrne100356237145Mayumi Ouchi
140Robyn Byrne140216332645Mayumi Ouchi
100Robyn Byrne100116426660Mayumi Ouchi
Robyn Byrne4571517987Mayumi Ouchi
Robyn Byrne3932611960Mayumi Ouchi
Robyn Byrne24876653Mayumi Ouchi
DORobyn Byrne808
68.3Darts: 223 Dart Avg 62.1
 Game 1.2 - 501 SIDO0 - 22 03:54  
Robyn Byrne85416147724Mayumi Ouchi
Robyn Byrne453712377100Mayumi Ouchi100
Robyn Byrne85286333641Mayumi Ouchi
Robyn Byrne60226431026Mayumi Ouchi
Robyn Byrne24202525060Mayumi Ouchi
Robyn Byrne60142616585Mayumi Ouchi
100Robyn Byrne1004278481Mayumi Ouchi
DORobyn Byrne42082262Mayumi Ouchi
65.3Darts: 233 Dart Avg 59.9
 Game 1.3 - 501 SIDO 40 - 003:45  
125Robyn Byrne125376144160Mayumi Ouchi
Robyn Byrne60316238160Mayumi Ouchi
Robyn Byrne60256331962Mayumi Ouchi
Robyn Byrne601964219100Mayumi Ouchi100
Robyn Byrne30166579140Mayumi Ouchi140
Robyn Byrne4012664039Mayumi Ouchi
Robyn Byrne438371030Mayumi Ouchi
Robyn Byrne43408010Mayumi OuchiDO
57.6 3 Dart AvgDarts: 2365.3
 Game 1.4 - 501 SIDO 16 - 003:58  
Robyn Byrne26475144160Mayumi Ouchi
Robyn Byrne60415239645Mayumi Ouchi
125Robyn Byrne125290331482Mayumi Ouchi
100Robyn Byrne100190426945Mayumi Ouchi
Robyn Byrne45145520960Mayumi Ouchi
Robyn Byrne23122614960Mayumi Ouchi
Robyn Byrne893378960Mayumi Ouchi
Robyn Byrne171683851Mayumi Ouchi
9038Mayumi OuchiDO
60.6 3 Dart AvgDarts: 2560.1
 Game 1.5 - 501 SIDO 108 - 002:45  
100Robyn Byrne1004011401100Mayumi Ouchi100
Robyn Byrne45356234160Mayumi Ouchi
100Robyn Byrne100256328160Mayumi Ouchi
Robyn Byrne432134160121Mayumi Ouchi121
Robyn Byrne60153560100Mayumi Ouchi100
Robyn Byrne451086060Mayumi OuchiDO 60
65.5 3 Dart AvgDarts: 1788.4
 Game 1.6 - 501 SIDO 20 - 004:57  
Robyn Byrne66435146041Mayumi Ouchi
Robyn Byrne60375241545Mayumi Ouchi
100Robyn Byrne100275333481Mayumi Ouchi
Robyn Byrne60215430826Mayumi Ouchi
Robyn Byrne41174528622Mayumi Ouchi
Robyn Byrne92826161125Mayumi Ouchi125
Robyn Byrne4240710160Mayumi Ouchi
Robyn Byrne4082477Mayumi Ouchi
Robyn Byrne202091212Mayumi Ouchi
10012Mayumi OuchiDO
53.4 3 Dart AvgDarts: 2853.7


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