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WDF World Cup - Youth Singles & Pairs • Boys Singles - Knockout

Date:Thu, 10-10-19 Game Time:0:15 Matches:1 
Start:8:07 PM Match Length:0:16 Games:6 
End:8:22 PM DER:99% Darts:209 
OpponentsMatchAll '01 GamesAll Cricket Games
All Games Played (AGP)n/a165,67020981.4---
Green: First Turn.     Gold: Opponent(s) won the cork.     Red: Game winning turn



 Game 1.1 - 501 SIDO0 - 79 03:33  
Keelan Kay93408145645Shusaku Nakamura
100Keelan Kay100308237185Shusaku Nakamura
98!Keelan Kay98210331655Shusaku Nakamura
96!Keelan Kay961144216100Shusaku Nakamura100
Keelan Kay5856513086Shusaku Nakamura
DOKeelan Kay56067951Shusaku Nakamura
88.4Darts: 173 Dart Avg 70.3
 Game 1.2 - 501 SIDO0 - 141 01:58  
99!Keelan Kay99402144160Shusaku Nakamura
Keelan Kay92310238160Shusaku Nakamura
Keelan Kay43267333645Shusaku Nakamura
100Keelan Kay100167424195Shusaku Nakamura95!
99!Keelan Kay99685141100Shusaku Nakamura100
DO 68Keelan Kay6806
83.5Darts: 183 Dart Avg 72.0
 Game 1.3 - 501 SIDO 40 - 002:51  
97!Keelan Kay974041321180Shusaku Nakamura180
97!Keelan Kay97307229130Shusaku Nakamura
97!Keelan Kay97210323655Shusaku Nakamura
Keelan Kay60150418452Shusaku Nakamura
Keelan Kay6090584100Shusaku Nakamura100
Keelan Kay216962559Shusaku Nakamura
Keelan Kay29407817Shusaku Nakamura
808Shusaku NakamuraDO
65.9 3 Dart AvgDarts: 2268.3
 Game 1.4 - 501 SIDO0 - 20 02:16  
Keelan Kay714301321180Shusaku Nakamura180
121Keelan Kay121309225566Shusaku Nakamura
100Keelan Kay1002093155100Shusaku Nakamura100
Keelan Kay5915045897Shusaku Nakamura97!
Keelan Kay807052038Shusaku Nakamura
DO 70Keelan Kay7006
88.4Darts: 173 Dart Avg 96.2
 Game 1.5 - 501 SIDO0 - 44 02:10  
Keelan Kay82419142180Shusaku Nakamura
96!Keelan Kay96323232497Shusaku Nakamura97!
Keelan Kay44279328440Shusaku Nakamura
98!Keelan Kay98181423945Shusaku Nakamura
170Keelan Kay17011518455Shusaku Nakamura
DOKeelan Kay110644140Shusaku Nakamura140
88.4Darts: 173 Dart Avg 76.2
 Game 1.6 - 501 SIDO0 - 18 02:37  
Keelan Kay814201401100Shusaku Nakamura100
140Keelan Kay140280231685Shusaku Nakamura
180Keelan Kay1801003182134Shusaku Nakamura134
Keelan Kay4258410181Shusaku Nakamura
Keelan Kay481051883Shusaku Nakamura
DOKeelan Kay1006
93.9Darts: 163 Dart Avg 96.6


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