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Romanian International Darts Open 2020 • Sun RIDO Men's 501

Date:Sun, 1-26-20 Game Time:0:18 Matches:1 
Start:10:01 AM Match Length:0:18 Games:5 
End:10:18 AM DER:99% Darts:181 
OpponentsMatchAll '01 GamesAll Cricket Games
GARCIA HEREDIA112,0238968.2---
All Games Played (AGP)n/a154,39518172.8---
Green: First Turn.     Gold: Opponent(s) won the cork.     Red: Game winning turn



 Game 1.1 - 501 SIDO0 - 147 04:16  
Wayne Halliwell28473147526Antonio GARCIA HEREDIA
100Wayne Halliwell100373239481Antonio GARCIA HEREDIA
140Wayne Halliwell140233335440Antonio GARCIA HEREDIA
Wayne Halliwell60173433222Antonio GARCIA HEREDIA
Wayne Halliwell59114527359Antonio GARCIA HEREDIA
Wayne Halliwell4272619281Antonio GARCIA HEREDIA
Wayne Halliwell5220714745Antonio GARCIA HEREDIA
DOWayne Halliwell2008
68.3Darts: 223 Dart Avg 50.6
 Game 1.2 - 501 SIDO0 - 10 03:40  
180Wayne Halliwell180321142081Antonio GARCIA HEREDIA
Wayne Halliwell662552320100Antonio GARCIA HEREDIA100
Wayne Halliwell552003195125Antonio GARCIA HEREDIA125
Wayne Halliwell65135410095Antonio GARCIA HEREDIA95!
Wayne Halliwell835254060Antonio GARCIA HEREDIA
DOWayne Halliwell52061030Antonio GARCIA HEREDIA
83.5Darts: 183 Dart Avg 81.8
 Game 1.3 - 501 SIDO 133 - 003:18  
Wayne Halliwell41460141685Antonio GARCIA HEREDIA
Wayne Halliwell264342276140Antonio GARCIA HEREDIA140
Wayne Halliwell60374323541Antonio GARCIA HEREDIA
Wayne Halliwell81293415085Antonio GARCIA HEREDIA
Wayne Halliwell6023356090Antonio GARCIA HEREDIA
100Wayne Halliwell1001336060Antonio GARCIA HEREDIADO 60
61.3 3 Dart AvgDarts: 1788.4
 Game 1.4 - 501 SIDO0 - 53 03:18  
Wayne Halliwell60441144160Antonio GARCIA HEREDIA
Wayne Halliwell85356239447Antonio GARCIA HEREDIA
123Wayne Halliwell1232333294100Antonio GARCIA HEREDIA100
Wayne Halliwell85148425341Antonio GARCIA HEREDIA
100Wayne Halliwell10048519360Antonio GARCIA HEREDIA
DOWayne Halliwell480653140Antonio GARCIA HEREDIA140
88.4Darts: 173 Dart Avg 74.7
 Game 1.5 - 501 SIDO0 - 272 02:59  
Wayne Halliwell60441146536Antonio GARCIA HEREDIA
140Wayne Halliwell140301238085Antonio GARCIA HEREDIA
100Wayne Halliwell100201333743Antonio GARCIA HEREDIA
Wayne Halliwell60141431522Antonio GARCIA HEREDIA
Wayne Halliwell8952527243Antonio GARCIA HEREDIA
DOWayne Halliwell5206
88.4Darts: 173 Dart Avg 45.8


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