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Date:Thu, 4-2-20 Game Time:0:29 Matches:1 
Start:12:25 PM Match Length:0:31 Games:9 
End:12:55 PM DER:95% Darts:379 
OpponentsMatchAll '01 GamesAll Cricket Games
All Games Played (AGP)n/a198,32437965.89---
Green: First Turn.     Gold: Opponent(s) won the cork.     Red: Game winning turn



 Game 1.1 - 501 SIDO0 - 64 04:13  
Peter Cheney81420147328Valters Melderis
Peter Cheney85335241855Valters Melderis
Peter Cheney39296336355Valters Melderis
Peter Cheney22274432340Valters Melderis
Peter Cheney40234526360Valters Melderis
Peter Cheney45189620855Valters Melderis
Peter Cheney62127711296Valters Melderis96!
Peter Cheney874086448Valters Melderis
DOPeter Cheney4009
60.12Darts: 253 Dart Avg 54.63
 Game 1.2 - 501 SIDO 36 - 003:17  
140Peter Cheney140361146041Valters Melderis
Peter Cheney60301243228Valters Melderis
Peter Cheney75226334785Valters Melderis
Peter Cheney26200428760Valters Melderis
Peter Cheney81119524443Valters Melderis
Peter Cheney2594618955Valters Melderis
Peter Cheney5836789100Valters Melderis100
8089Valters MelderisDO 89
66.43 3 Dart AvgDarts: 2462.63
 Game 1.3 - 501 SIDO0 - 40 03:31  
Peter Cheney28473145744Valters Melderis
Peter Cheney45428241542Valters Melderis
Peter Cheney453833315100Valters Melderis100
Peter Cheney25358426055Valters Melderis
Peter Cheney60298517684Valters Melderis
Peter Cheney41257613343Valters Melderis
Peter Cheney6019777261Valters Melderis
Peter Cheney4415384032Valters Melderis
DO 153Peter Cheney15309
55.67Darts: 273 Dart Avg 57.63
 Game 1.4 - 501 SIDO 40 - 003:56  
Peter Cheney60441145645Valters Melderis
Peter Cheney39402241541Valters Melderis
Peter Cheney60342336847Valters Melderis
Peter Cheney44298432147Valters Melderis
100Peter Cheney100198527843Valters Melderis
100Peter Cheney10098619385Valters Melderis
Peter Cheney1880753140Valters Melderis140
Peter Cheney404084013Valters Melderis
9040Valters MelderisDO
57.63 3 Dart AvgDarts: 2560.12
 Game 1.5 - 501 SIDO 98 - 003:34  
Peter Cheney81420142180Valters Melderis
Peter Cheney24396235170Valters Melderis
Peter Cheney32364326883Valters Melderis
100Peter Cheney100264422345Valters Melderis
Peter Cheney53211517647Valters Melderis
Peter Cheney47164613541Valters Melderis
Peter Cheney4012475283Valters Melderis
Peter Cheney26988052Valters MelderisDO
50.38 3 Dart AvgDarts: 2365.35
 Game 1.6 - 501 SIDO 166 - 002:02  
Peter Cheney45456141685Valters Melderis
Peter Cheney45411233581Valters Melderis
Peter Cheney813303214121Valters Melderis121
Peter Cheney81249417044Valters Melderis
Peter Cheney83166536134Valters Melderis134
6036Valters MelderisDO
67.00 3 Dart AvgDarts: 1788.41
 Game 1.7 - 501 SIDO0 - 86 02:10  
140Peter Cheney140361145843Valters Melderis
Peter Cheney812802358100Valters Melderis100
Peter Cheney85195326296Valters Melderis96!
Peter Cheney811144130132Valters Melderis132
Peter Cheney575758644Valters Melderis
DOPeter Cheney5706
88.41Darts: 173 Dart Avg 83.00
 Game 1.8 - 501 SIDO0 - 14 02:13  
Peter Cheney60441140695Valters Melderis95!
Peter Cheney533882266140Valters Melderis140
140Peter Cheney140248320858Valters Melderis
140Peter Cheney140108428180Valters Melderis180
DO 108Peter Cheney108051414Valters Melderis
100.20Darts: 153 Dart Avg 97.40
 Game 1.9 - 501 SIDO0 - 150 04:13  
140Peter Cheney140361147130Valters Melderis
Peter Cheney36325240566Valters Melderis
Peter Cheney60265336045Valters Melderis
Peter Cheney94171431941Valters Melderis
95!Peter Cheney9576527643Valters Melderis
Peter Cheney5620623145Valters Melderis
Peter CheneyX20715081Valters Melderis
DOPeter Cheney2008
65.35Darts: 233 Dart Avg 50.14


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