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MMDL • MMDL Fall 2014 SA Finals

Date:Tue, 1-13-15 Game Time:2:12 Matches:1 
Start:7:45 PM Match Length:3:10 Games:27 
End:10:55 PM DER:69% Darts:1,252 
OpponentsMatchAll '01 GamesAll Cricket Games
Hired Guns88145,55333749.43142933.2
Meat Whistle66135,88133652.52952863.1
All Games Played (AGP)n/a142711,43467351.06095793.2
 Hired GunsMeat Whistle 
1.153.9Joe Efter
Jason Ogasian
 165010Steve Maguire
Tom Boehner
2.153.7Levi Remick
Scott Estle
050110 Dave Walsh Sr
Bucky MacWilliams
3.171.0Brett Hamel
Oscar Flores
 45010Fred Conley
Greg Fulton
4.12.8Joe Efter
Mike Cagney
 188Cricket228Steve Maguire
Tom Boehner
4.23.2415Cricket400 2.939
4.34.1156Cricket0 2.221
5.13.5Levi Remick
Scott Estle
166Cricket107 Dave Walsh Sr
Bucky MacWilliams
5.23.4325Cricket259 3.333
6.12.3Oscar Flores
Brett Hamel
 231Cricket376Mike Maguire
Greg Fulton
6.22.8 560Cricket6033.251
7.137.1Scott Estle 43010Fred Conley36.125
7.249.8 2301050.218
8.169.5Joe Efter030132 Dave Walsh Sr67.313
8.241.8 50301047.519
8.375.3030116 71.312
9.156.4Levi Remick030198 Steve Maguire33.816
9.249.4 54301050.218
9.347.5030110 48.519
10.125.3Oscar Flores 1243010Tom Boehner45.220
10.239.8 102301060.215
11.175.3Brett Hamel030124 Mike Maguire69.312
11.243.003014 42.421
12.1-Mike Cagney 3013010Bucky MacWilliams56.416
12.248.8 8301050.218
13.171.6Levi Remick
Joe Efter
0501143 Dave Walsh Sr
Tom Boehner
14.14.1Levi Remick
Joe Efter
456Cricket425 Dave Walsh Sr
Steve Maguire
14.23.4178Cricket160 3.027
Match ID: 54b5bdd20b9eb02477021e23

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Home/Host Players
Mike CagneyMissing Email
Joe EfterMissing Email
Scott EstleMissing Email
Oscar FloresMissing Email
Brett HamelMissing Email
Jason OgasianMissing Email
Levi RemickPremium
Away/Guest Players
Tom BoehnerMissing Email
Fred ConleyRecap Sent
Greg FultonMissing Email
Bucky MacWilliamsMissing Email
Mike MaguireMissing Email
Steve MaguireMissing Email
Dave Walsh SrMissing Email


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