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MMDL Minute Man Dart League

Date:Tue, 6-2-15 Game Time:1:51 Matches:1 
Start:7:38 PM Match Length:2:24 Games:25 
End:10:02 PM DER:77% Darts:1,089 
Opponents Match All '01 Games All Cricket Games
"The 9"55114,92124360.83113003.1
All Games Played (AGP)n/a12259,78248360.86426063.2
 "The 9"FlightFighters 
1.162.6Billy Franklin
Avery Barry
050156 Jeff Belliveau
Wayne Widtfeldt
2.160.1Tom Sawyer
Jay Waugh
 205010Pat Mckeon
Mike Zachodny
3.160.1Tom Curtin
Bruce Robbins
05018 Steve St. Cyr
Bob Given
4.13.4Avery Barry
Billy Franklin
 291Cricket317Jeff Belliveau
Wayne Widtfeldt
4.23.7200Cricket118 2.825
4.32.2 325Cricket3273.137
5.13.1Tom Sawyer
Bruce Robbins
 662Cricket665Mike Zachodny
Pat Mckeon
5.23.2615Cricket615 3.451
5.33.8 362Cricket3703.733
6.12.7Tom Curtin
Jay Waugh
 153Cricket200Steve St. Cyr
Bob Given
6.23.4155Cricket111 2.626
6.32.9 90Cricket1203.523
7.182.1Billy Franklin030150 Jeff Belliveau62.811
7.264.5030132 53.814
8.160.5Jay Waugh 593010Mike Zachodny75.312
8.244.5 34301056.416
9.173.7Tom Curtin 803010Wayne Widtfeldt75.312
9.282.10301155 48.711
9.360.2030162 59.815
10.164.5Tom Sawyer030140 Pat Mckeon65.314
10.2100.30301152 49.79
11.145.3Bruce Robbins 1203010Bob Given60.215
11.247.5 16301056.416
12.147.3Avery Barry 1123010Steve St. Cyr75.312
12.249.4 54301060.215
Match ID: 556e3f90ddbca4214bc058ce

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Home/Host Players
Avery BarryMember
Tom CurtinRecap Sent
Billy FranklinPremium
Bruce RobbinsPremium
Tom SawyerPremium
Jay WaughMember
Away/Guest Players
Jeff BelliveauPremium
Bob GivenPremium
Pat MckeonPremium
Steve St. CyrMember
Wayne WidtfeldtMember
Mike ZachodnyPremium


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