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scda Southern California Darts Association

Date:Mon, 7-31-17 Game Time:2:52 Matches:1 
Start:7:32 PM Match Length:4:24 Games:20 
End:11:56 PM DER:65% Darts:1,592 
Opponents Match All '01 Games All Cricket Games
Twenty Twen Twens3394,61234340.32884551.9
All Games Played (AGP)n/a9209,45268941.25629031.9
 Twenty Twen TwensMacKrakens 
1.135.8Jeff Wold
Angela Rourke
050114 David Luther
Levon Goganian
1.22.5125Cricket51 1.933
2.144.9Jeff Wold
Jasmine Castro
 75010Tim Caldito
Andrew Chau
2.21.2 0Cricket361.740
3.147.0Angela Rourke0501136 David Luther36.532
3.245.2 94501051.829
3.342.1 80501051.829
4.142.9Jeff Wold050120 Andrew Chau40.135
4.231.1 3501032.746
4.341.3 88501045.533
5.12.0Angela Rourke279Cricket177 Andrew Chau1.653
5.22.0250Cricket198 1.653
6.11.9Jeff Wold289Cricket282 Tim Caldito1.760
6.21.6 115Cricket2002.148
6.32.2176Cricket115 1.841
7.140.6Angela Rourke
Jasmine Castro
 545010David Luther
Levon Goganian
7.239.0 72501045.533
8.11.5Jeff Wold
Angela Rourke
 151Cricket199David Luther
Tim Caldito
8.22.4211Cricket132 1.841
8.31.8 49Cricket1002.630
Match ID: 597feaebb224745a13d9ed31

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Match & Game Notes

Jeff did not want to play the team game because we had already won 5 matches, I mentioned to him that league rules state that all matches are to be played and he said "we are not going to play" Set #9: Twenty Twen Twens forfeited.

  • Set 9 - Set Forfeited by Twenty Twen Twens
Home/Host Players
Jasmine CastroRecap Sent
Angela RourkePremium
Jeff WoldMember
Away/Guest Players
Tim CalditoPremium
Andrew ChauPremium
Levon GoganianPremium
David LutherPremium


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