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Date:Sat, 3-30-19 Game Time:0:32 Matches:1 
Start:5:11 PM Match Length:1:31 Games:8 
End:6:42 PM DER:34% Darts:321 
OpponentsMatchAll '01 GamesAll Cricket Games
Arunas C5153,83916071.98---
Janis Ku333,87516172.20---
All Games Played (AGP)n/a187,71432172.09---
 Arunas CJanis Ku 
1.179.11Arunas Ciplys050185 Janis Kupsis69.3319
1.268.00 161501083.5018
1.379.11050116 80.8319
1.471.00 4501065.3523
1.555.67050110 61.3827
1.675.15050110 70.1420
1.771.00 4501071.5721
1.883.50050112 81.5018
Match ID: 5c9fdce61521e32d504e6956

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Home/Host Players
Arunas CiplysMissing Email
Away/Guest Players
Janis KupsisMissing Email


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