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Date:Sun, 5-19-19 Game Time:1:20 Matches:1 
Start:12:34 PM Match Length:1:22 Games:24 
End:1:56 PM DER:98% Darts:957 
'01 Leaders
High Turn180Zanis Buklovskis x 2
Valters Melderis
High DO93Zanis Buklovskis
High Points Per Round
High PPR (S)107.4Zanis Buklovskis
PlayersMatchAll '01 GamesAll Cricket Games
GamesWinsWin %PointsDartsPPRMarksDartsMPR
Buklovskis, Zanis241667%11,67547973.1
Melderis, Valters24833%10,73547867.4

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1.1501 SIDOZanis BuklovskisC68.322.81W840501 22501   
Valters Melderis61.920.62   5016821433   
1.2501 SIDOZanis Buklovskis93.931.32W640501 16501   
Valters MelderisS74.224.71   5015618445   
1.3501 SIDOZanis BuklovskisS65.321.81W825501 23501   
Valters Melderis68.122.72   5012421477   
1.4501 SIDOZanis Buklovskis73.524.52   5016018441   
Valters MelderisS71.623.91W744501 21501   
1.5501 SIDOZanis BuklovskisS61.820.61   501724494   
Valters Melderis62.620.92W854501 24501   
1.6501 SIDOZanis Buklovskis62.620.92W860501 24501   
Valters MelderisS61.620.51   501824493   
1.7501 SIDOZanis BuklovskisS71.623.91W793501 21501   
Valters Melderis76.825.62   5014018461   
1.8501 SIDOZanis Buklovskis69.923.32   5011221489   
Valters MelderisS65.321.81W84501 23501   
1.9501 SIDOZanis BuklovskisS83.527.81W612501 18501   
Valters Melderis68.222.72   50116015341   
1.10501 SIDOZanis Buklovskis83.527.82W665501 18501   
Valters MelderisS80.826.91   5011618485   
1.11501 SIDOZanis BuklovskisS93.931.31W632501 165011  
Valters Melderis83.027.72   5018615415   
1.12501 SIDOZanis Buklovskis78.226.12   50111015391   
Valters MelderisS93.931.31W612501 165011  
1.13501 SIDOZanis BuklovskisS88.429.51W687501 17501   
Valters Melderis67.222.42   50116515336   
1.14501 SIDOZanis Buklovskis78.226.12   5013218469   
Valters MelderisS71.623.91W752501 21501   
1.15501 SIDOZanis BuklovskisS107.435.81W520501 145011  
Valters Melderis51.317.12   50129612205   
1.16501 SIDOZanis Buklovskis79.126.42W74501 19501   
Valters MelderisS48.716.21   50116021341   
1.17501 SIDOZanis BuklovskisS71.623.91W740501 21501   
Valters Melderis82.527.52   501618495   
1.18501 SIDOZanis Buklovskis62.620.92W832501 24501   
Valters MelderisS62.320.81   501324498   
1.19501 SIDOZanis BuklovskisS51.817.31W1020501 29501   
Valters Melderis48.016.02   5016927432   
1.20501 SIDOZanis Buklovskis61.920.62   5016821433   
Valters MelderisS65.321.81W850501 23501   
1.21501 SIDOZanis BuklovskisS80.226.71   5012018481   
Valters Melderis83.527.82W688501 18501   
1.22501 SIDOZanis Buklovskis76.825.62   5014018461   
Valters MelderisS75.225.11W734501 20501   
1.23501 SIDOZanis BuklovskisS60.120.01W912501 25501   
Valters Melderis61.120.42   5011224489   
1.24501 SIDOZanis Buklovskis79.126.42W716501 19501   
Valters MelderisS54.418.11   50112021381   

CCork won, or player StartedP-3DAPartners' PPR/MPR3DAIndividual Player's PPR/MPRPPDPoints Per Dart

TTurn order of players in gameWAPlayer's Win or Assist

RDThe round with the winning turnCO(Check Out) Points scored on the winning double out turn

SSStarting Score PR Points RemainingDT# of Darts Thrown by each playerPTSPoints ScoredMKS Marks Scored

180Three Triple 60's, the maximum points in an '01 TurnHT(Hat Trick) When all 3 darts hit any combination of single or double bulls9M(9 Marks/Round of Nine) All three darts hit an eligible cricket triple, resulting in a total of 9 Marks (the maximum in cricket) for a turn


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