DartConnect Beta Platform
Terms & Conditions

The DartConnect Beta Platform is in active development. Final feature lists and functions are still being evaluated. DartConnect retains the right to modify its offering during the Beta period for any business reason, including to improve product performance or increase platform stability. This may involve revising or removing existing features.

Game data generated by users of the DartConnect system becomes the property of DartConnect and will be used to provide reporting and services to members. In addition, DartConnect may use the data for internal research and analytical purposes, including new product development.

DartConnect statistics and reporting are to be used in conjunction with a user's existing method of performance tracking and match reporting. It is not intended as a substitute for critical measurements. DartConnect may alter its methodology at any point, in an effort to enhance services.

During the Beta period, DartConnect may be required to be taken offline for maintenance. Every reasonable effort will be made to communicate outages in advance, and will be scheduled for non-peak periods.

DartConnect is being monitored for compliance with the current versions of select browsers. Updates to browsers and operating systems occur on a regular basis, and it is possible that there will be brief periods where performance may be affected until compatibility issues are addressed.

A DartConnect membership is solely intended for the use of the paid subscriber. The subscriber may host matches with non-members offline and online at any time. Sharing platform access with non-members is considered a violation of the subscription agreement and may result in the suspension or termination of the service.

DartConnect reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of service at any time.