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MMDL Minute Man Dart League

Date:Tue, 6-2-15 Game Time:1:51 Matches:1 
Start:7:38 PM Match Length:2:24 Games:25 
End:10:02 PM DER:77% Darts:1,089 
Opponents Match All '01 Games All Cricket Games
"The 9"55114,92124360.83113003.1
All Games Played (AGP)n/a12259,78248360.86426063.2
Green: First Turn.     Gold: Opponent(s) won the cork.     Red: Game winning turn

"The 9"


 Game 1.1 - 501 DIDO0 - 56 04:19  
DIBilly Franklin249914938Jeff BelliveauDI
Avery Barry24475245241Wayne Widtfeldt
100Billy Franklin100375339260Jeff Belliveau
Avery Barry25350429597Wayne Widtfeldt97!
Billy Franklin59291521481Jeff Belliveau
Avery Barry83208617836Wayne Widtfeldt
134Billy Franklin13474713741Jeff Belliveau
DO 74Avery Barry74085681Wayne Widtfeldt
62.6Darts: 243 Dart Avg 55.6
 Game 2.1 - 501 DIDO 20 - 003:47  
Tom Sawyer5011501Pat Mckeon
Jay Waugh501244556Mike ZachodnyDI
DI 105Tom Sawyer1053963265180Pat Mckeon180
Jay Waugh60336417095Mike Zachodny95!
Tom Sawyer81255514228Pat Mckeon
Jay Waugh8017566280Mike Zachodny
95!Tom Sawyer958071646Pat Mckeon
Jay Waugh60208016Mike ZachodnyDO
60.1 3 Dart AvgDarts: 2268.3
 Game 3.1 - 501 DIDO0 - 8 05:53  
Tom Curtin501144160Steve St. CyrDI 60
DI 60Bruce Robbins60441238160Bob Given
136Tom Curtin136305332655Steve St. Cyr
Bruce Robbins60245429828Bob Given
Tom Curtin60185524355Steve St. Cyr
Bruce Robbins40145616380Bob Given
105Tom Curtin10540732131Steve St. Cyr131
Bruce RobbinsX4081616Bob Given
DOTom Curtin400988Steve St. Cyr
60.1Darts: 253 Dart Avg 54.8
 Game 4.1 - Cricket 291 - 31706:46  
Avery BarryS19x2160T20x2Jeff Belliveau6M
Billy FranklinS18x3279T19, S19, T17Wayne Widtfeldt7M
7MAvery BarryT16x2, S1664379T18, S16Jeff Belliveau
Billy FranklinS16x296498S19Wayne Widtfeldt
5MAvery BarryT15, S15x2126598S16x2Jeff Belliveau
5MBilly FranklinT15, S15x22016157S20x2, S19Wayne Widtfeldt
Avery BarryS19, S152167177S20Jeff Belliveau
5MBilly FranklinT15, S15x22918297T20x2, S15Wayne Widtfeldt7M
Avery BarrySBx22919297DB, S15x2Jeff Belliveau
Billy FranklinSB29110317S20Wayne Widtfeldt
11317SBJeff Belliveau
3.4 3 Dart AvgDarts: 313.6
 Game 4.2 - Cricket200 - 118 04:53  
7MAvery BarryT20x2, S2080138T19, S19x2Jeff Belliveau5M
Billy FranklinS19x380238S17x3Wayne Widtfeldt
Avery BarryS17x380338S18x2Jeff Belliveau
Billy FranklinS18x380470T16, S16x2Wayne Widtfeldt5M
5MAvery BarryT20, S20, S161605118S16x3Jeff Belliveau
Billy FranklinS16x21606118S15x2Wayne Widtfeldt
Avery BarryT15, S151757118SBJeff Belliveau
Billy FranklinSBx21758118SBWayne Widtfeldt
Avery BarryDB2009
3.7Darts: 253 Dart Avg 2.8
 Game 4.3 - Cricket 325 - 32709:15  
Avery BarryS20, S191CorkS20x3Jeff Belliveau
Billy FranklinS19x2280T20, S20, S19Wayne Widtfeldt5M
Avery Barry3100S20, S19x2Jeff Belliveau
Billy FranklinT174100S18x3Wayne Widtfeldt
4BAvery BarryDB, SBx2255100T17, T16, S15Jeff Belliveau7M
Billy FranklinSB506100Wayne Widtfeldt
Avery BarrySBx21007100SBx2Jeff Belliveau
Billy FranklinDB1508100S15x2Wayne Widtfeldt
4BAvery BarryDBx22509120S20Jeff Belliveau
Billy FranklinSB27510180T20Wayne Widtfeldt
Avery BarryS20x2, DB32511240S20x3Jeff Belliveau
Billy FranklinS1832512312T18, S18, SBWayne Widtfeldt5M
13327S15Jeff Belliveau
2.2 3 Dart AvgDarts: 373.1
 Game 5.1 - Cricket 662 - 66510:57  
Tom SawyerS201CorkS20x2Mike Zachodny
Bruce RobbinsS19, T1919240S20x3Pat Mckeon
Tom SawyerS19x2573120S20, T20Mike Zachodny
Bruce RobbinsS19x31144140S20, S19Pat Mckeon
5MTom SawyerS18x2, T181505140S19x2Mike Zachodny
5MBruce RobbinsS18x2, T182406180S20x2Pat Mckeon
5MTom SawyerS20x2, T182947240S20x3Mike Zachodny
Bruce RobbinsS18x33488308T17x2, S17Pat Mckeon7M
Tom SawyerS18x23849427T17x2, S17Mike Zachodny7M
5MBruce RobbinsS16x2, T1641610427S18x3Pat Mckeon
Tom Sawyer41611461S17x2Mike Zachodny
Bruce RobbinsT1646412461Pat Mckeon
Tom SawyerT16, S1551213529S17, T17Mike Zachodny
Bruce RobbinsS15x352714529S16x3Pat Mckeon
Tom SawyerS15, T1558715614S17x2, T17Mike Zachodny5M
Bruce RobbinsSB58716648T15, S17x2Pat Mckeon5M
3BTom SawyerSB, DB61217648SBMike Zachodny
Bruce RobbinsDB66218648SBPat Mckeon
19665DB, S17Mike Zachodny
3.1 3 Dart AvgDarts: 573.0
 Game 5.2 - Cricket615 - 615 11:13  
Tom SawyerS20x3Cork1S19x2Mike Zachodny
Bruce RobbinsS20, T1920236S18x2, T18Pat Mckeon5M
Tom SawyerS20x2603108S18, T18Mike Zachodny
6MBruce RobbinsT20x21804198S18x2, T18Pat Mckeon5M
5MTom SawyerS18, S20, T202605270S18, T18Mike Zachodny
Bruce RobbinsS20x23006324T18, S19Pat Mckeon
Tom SawyerS20x33607396T20, T18, S18Mike Zachodny7M
Bruce RobbinsS17, T173778396Pat Mckeon
Tom SawyerS17x34289468S18, T18Mike Zachodny
Bruce RobbinsS17x246210486T17, S18Pat Mckeon
7MTom SawyerT16x2, S1652611540T18Mike Zachodny
Bruce RobbinsS16, S18x254212540S15Pat Mckeon
Tom SawyerS15x254213615S15, T15x2Mike Zachodny7M
Bruce RobbinsS16x359014615S16x3Pat Mckeon
Tom SawyerS15, SB59015615SBx2Mike Zachodny
Bruce RobbinsSBx259016615Pat Mckeon
Tom SawyerSB61517
3.2Darts: 513 Dart Avg 3.4
 Game 5.3 - Cricket 362 - 37007:04  
7MTom SawyerS20, T19x257160T20x2Mike Zachodny6M
Bruce RobbinsS18x3572120T20, T19Pat Mckeon6M
Tom SawyerS17x3573140S20, T18Mike Zachodny
Bruce RobbinsS17744140S17Pat Mckeon
7MTom SawyerT16x2, S161385160S17x2, S20Mike Zachodny
6MBruce RobbinsT16x22346260S20x2, T20Pat Mckeon5M
Tom SawyerS16, S20x22507280S20Mike Zachodny
Bruce RobbinsS16x22828280S15x3Pat Mckeon
5MTom SawyerS16x2, T163629370S16, T15x2Mike Zachodny7M
Bruce RobbinsSB36210370S16x2Pat Mckeon
11370SBx3Mike Zachodny3B
3.8 3 Dart AvgDarts: 333.7
 Game 6.1 - Cricket 153 - 20005:45  
Tom CurtinS201StartS20Steve St. Cyr
Jay WaughT19, S19192S20x2Bob Given
Tom CurtinS19, S20x238320S20Steve St. Cyr
Jay WaughS19x276474S19, T18x2Bob Given7M
Tom CurtinT17, S17935146D19, T18, S18Steve St. Cyr6M
Jay WaughD16936146T17, S16Bob Given
5MTom CurtinT15, D151237200D16, T18Steve St. Cyr5M
Jay WaughD151538200D15Bob Given
Tom CurtinSB1539200SB, S15Steve St. Cyr
10200DBBob Given
2.7 3 Dart AvgDarts: 293.3
 Game 6.2 - Cricket155 - 111 04:41  
7MTom CurtinT19, T20, S20201D18Steve St. Cyr
Jay WaughD1820218D18Bob Given
Tom CurtinT20, S1880318T17Steve St. Cyr
Jay WaughD1780486T17, S17Bob Given
5MTom CurtinS16, S17, T20140586T16Steve St. Cyr
Jay WaughS15, D16140686D15Bob Given
Tom CurtinT15155786DBSteve St. Cyr
Jay WaughSB1558111DB, S19Bob Given
Tom CurtinDB1559
3.4Darts: 263 Dart Avg 2.6
 Game 6.3 - Cricket 90 - 12004:06  
5MTom CurtinT19, D1938140T20, D20Steve St. Cyr5M
Jay WaughS19572100T20Bob Given
Tom CurtinS18573100T19Steve St. Cyr
Jay WaughT17, S17744120T18, S20Bob Given
Tom CurtinT16, S16905120DB, T17Steve St. Cyr5M
Jay WaughD15906120T16Bob Given
Tom CurtinS20, DB907120T15Steve St. Cyr
8120SBBob Given
2.9 3 Dart AvgDarts: 233.5
 Game 7.1 - 301 DIDO0 - 50 02:01  
DIBilly Franklin10291122180Jeff BelliveauDI 80
100Billy Franklin100191218635Jeff Belliveau
140Billy Franklin14051312858Jeff Belliveau
DOBilly Franklin51045078Jeff Belliveau
82.1Darts: 113 Dart Avg 62.8
 Game 7.2 - 301 DIDO0 - 32 02:46  
DI 120Billy Franklin1201811301Jeff Belliveau
Billy Franklin55126226140Jeff BelliveauDI
Billy Franklin6759317487Jeff Belliveau
Billy Franklin1940432142Jeff Belliveau142
DOBilly Franklin400532XJeff Belliveau
64.5Darts: 143 Dart Avg 53.8
 Game 8.1 - 301 DIDO 59 - 003:02  
DIJay Waugh40261126536Mike ZachodnyDI
Jay Waugh45216217095Mike Zachodny95!
125Jay Waugh12591312050Mike Zachodny
Jay Waugh325940120Mike ZachodnyDO 120
60.5 3 Dart AvgDarts: 1275.3
 Game 8.2 - 301 DIDO 34 - 002:55  
DIJay Waugh40261124160Mike ZachodnyDI 60
Jay Waugh41220215685Mike Zachodny
Jay Waugh80140311640Mike Zachodny
Jay Waugh3210847640Mike Zachodny
Jay Waugh406854036Mike Zachodny
Jay Waugh34346040Mike ZachodnyDO
44.5 3 Dart AvgDarts: 1656.4
 Game 9.1 - 301 DIDO 80 - 002:14  
DI 60Tom Curtin60241125843Wayne WidtfeldtDI
140Tom Curtin140101219860Wayne Widtfeldt
Tom Curtin2180358140Wayne Widtfeldt140
4058Wayne WidtfeldtDO
73.7 3 Dart AvgDarts: 1275.3
 Game 9.2 - 301 DIDO0 - 155 01:23  
DITom Curtin362651301Wayne Widtfeldt
171Tom Curtin17194225546Wayne WidtfeldtDI
Tom Curtin62323155100Wayne Widtfeldt100
DOTom Curtin3204
82.1Darts: 113 Dart Avg 48.7
 Game 9.3 - 301 DIDO0 - 62 02:16  
DITom Curtin36265125348Wayne WidtfeldtDI
Tom Curtin83182222726Wayne Widtfeldt
Tom Curtin401423106121Wayne Widtfeldt121
110Tom Curtin1103246244Wayne Widtfeldt
DOTom Curtin3205
60.2Darts: 153 Dart Avg 59.8
 Game 10.1 - 301 DIDO0 - 40 02:18  
DITom Sawyer40261123665Pat MckeonDI 65
Tom Sawyer30231217264Pat Mckeon
Tom Sawyer45186313141Pat Mckeon
140Tom Sawyer1404644091Pat Mckeon
DOTom Sawyer4605
64.5Darts: 143 Dart Avg 65.3
 Game 10.2 - 301 DIDO0 - 152 01:47  
DI 80Tom Sawyer80221126635Pat MckeonDI
100Tom Sawyer100121219274Pat Mckeon
DO 121Tom Sawyer1210315240Pat Mckeon
100.3Darts: 93 Dart Avg 49.7
 Game 11.1 - 301 DIDO 120 - 002:45  
Bruce Robbins301126041Bob GivenDI
DIBruce Robbins40261220060Bob Given
Bruce Robbins81180314060Bob Given
Bruce Robbins6012048060Bob Given
5080Bob GivenDO 80
45.3 3 Dart AvgDarts: 1560.2
 Game 11.2 - 301 DIDO 16 - 004:09  
Bruce Robbins301127328Bob GivenDI
DI 116Bruce Robbins116185221360Bob Given
Bruce Robbins81104315459Bob Given
Bruce Robbins8816416138Bob Given138
Bruce Robbins16516Bob Given
Bruce RobbinsX166016Bob GivenDO
47.5 3 Dart AvgDarts: 1656.4
 Game 12.1 - 301 DIDO 112 - 002:09  
Avery Barry3011181120Steve St. CyrDI 120
DI 61Avery Barry61240214041Steve St. Cyr
Avery Barry41199320120Steve St. Cyr120
Avery Barry871124020Steve St. CyrDO
47.3 3 Dart AvgDarts: 1275.3
 Game 12.2 - 301 DIDO 54 - 003:02  
Avery Barry301126536Steve St. CyrDI
DI 110Avery Barry110191217095Steve St. Cyr95!
Avery Barry41150311258Steve St. Cyr
Avery Barry4011046250Steve St. Cyr
Avery Barry56545062Steve St. CyrDO 62
49.4 3 Dart AvgDarts: 1560.2


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